Pete van der Hoeven

It’s a bit of an unexpected privilege to serve as an elder at Providence alongside 3 seminary trained men and one respected and accomplished ENT doctor.  I am the more layman of the five pastors.  My current responsibilities are in teaching, community group leading, deacon board oversight, and Swahili church integration.
I am married to Debbie, my wife since 1984.  We have 7 daughters, 3 sons, 6 grandchildren (and counting… we hope). I was born in WV until age 9, lived in Puerto Rico for 4 years, Houston, TX for 4 years, Ridgefield, CT one year. I then attended Texas A&M University and got my BSME (Mechanical Engineering), then a Masters degree at the University of Illinois.  I began work with IBM in 1983 in Charlotte, NC, met and married Debbie there and then moved to KY in 1989 and now work for Lexmark Int’l Inc. as an engineer.  We began attending Providence in the Fall of 2013.
In my spare time I enjoy woodworking and bicycle riding.  I also enjoy reading or listening to books on doctrine and the church, as well as miscellaneous fiction.  Much of my time is spent just helping keeping the house, yard, cars and appliances running.
I love God, His word, the church and am a product of His tender mercy and abundant grace extended to me daily.